[wp-docs] GNU General Public Licence

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Thu Jun 10 14:31:33 UTC 2010

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<AANLkTin0Wz8OAwWbCR9pv7oLiuSfVnOjOPshF89mPK6- at mail.gmail.com>, Arlen 
Beiler <arlenbee at gmail.com> writes
>That is what I am doing. Dougal described it exactly. If you still don't get it,
>think of it this way. I am separately publishing whatever I contribute as
>GPL and also as CC-By-SA. Meaning that if you want to use it on a GPL
>licensed site, you can; as well as on a CC-By-SA licensed site.

Which I guess is fine, for stuff that you create.  But you can't, say, 
take something that is already published under one licence, change it, 
and then place that something somewhere where it would be under another, 
incompatible licence.    So it doesn't really help you when it comes to 
taking wikipedia stuff and putting it onto the Codex.


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