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Lorelle VanFossen lorellevan at gmail.com
Thu May 1 16:09:02 GMT 2008

Just for posterity on this thread. most people get the basics of WordPress
from articles they read and direct experience through WordPress.com, just
plunging in clueless. Then they want information. They find the Codex. I'd
love to have them start with the Codex, which is why we put so much energy
into WordPress Lessons and the basic introductory articles like:

We found that people were arriving with some of the basics known and
plunging into the deeper more complex issues. They'd end up on the forum or
our blogs and we'd point them to the basics and they'd go back and see these
articles. Circuitous route, but by the time they arrived at the basics, they
know much of this stuff. We served it up anyway and are now putting a lot
more energy into more juicy content instructions. Pointing them to these
basics, as Jennifer said, is critical to encourage them to put on the
parachute before they jump, but they jump first, think later. ;-)

The redesign I'm hoping to finalize in the new few weeks of the table of
contents should make these introductory articles more prevalent and  help
guide people to the right information more efficiently, while hopefully not
encouraging them to bypass the basics...ha! But I can hope.

The Quick Start is great, it just needs to integrate into the whole and
you're on the right track. Thank you so much!

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