[wp-docs] Volunteer for WordPress 2.5 Image Uploading

Lorelle VanFossen lorellevan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 13:15:29 GMT 2008

Usually one or two volunteers automatically jump on the next version band
wagon and upload screen shots of EVERY detail of the new version changes to
the Codex. This one is going to be a big one, so can we have a couple
volunteers step forward as soon as the final version is released to create
screen captures?

Because there are so many, let's divide them by panel if possible. Here are
the image requirements:

Images as PNG or JPG
No larger than 600 pixels wide

We need full screens and closeups of individual parts and pieces.

These will be called upon from all the various documentation pages.

So who's ready and willing to start using their graphics program to get us
some good resolution screen captures? What panels do you want to cover?

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