[wp-docs] Plugins list *poof*

Kaf Oseo kaf at szub.net
Fri Jan 25 05:19:14 GMT 2008


We had a nice, large collection of plugins listed under a few dozen 
categories here. It's gone now. Was the removal discussed somewhere 
where those involved with the Codex might have seen it?

Are there plans to provide a more effective space for such a plugins 
directory? Extend is not a directory. I have no plans to host my plugins 
on Extend, so the only opportunity I along with others in the same boat 
have to get plugins listed on any semi-official locale was in the Codex 
Plugin pages.

Before replying, let's not get into the weaknesses of using Codex for 
this. I agree with all of them. But it was the only thing we had. If a 
better solution is in the works, fantastic; I'm on board. If not...


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