[wp-docs] Language-linking in the Codex doesn't work

Xavier Borderie xavier at borderie.net
Fri Jan 4 16:36:24 GMT 2008

I agree with you, and ask about this some times ago, and as far as I
can remember the answer was that it wasn't possible due to the way
MediaWiki (the wiki tool behind the Codex and Wikipedia) was
installed/configured. Making it possible would require too much work.

For this reason, language page use a prefix. These are not
automatically treated by the software, but it helps link
language-specific pages.


On 04/01/2008, Hans Engel <engel at engel.uk.to> wrote:
> I used to edit Wikipedia a lot, and I remember one of its most
> user-friendly features was to provide links to the same article in a
> different language.
> This could be done by placing something like this at the bottom of the
> article:
> [[de:Hallo]]
> This would add a link in the sidebar of the English 'Hello' page for
> German viewers.
> I tried inserting this in my pages, but it didn't work. Is this feature
> deliberately disabled, or is it a bug?
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