[wp-docs] Please stop scaring people

Kaf Oseo kaf at szub.net
Fri Jan 4 05:56:47 GMT 2008

Michael E. Hancock wrote:
> I have to plead guilty to a good number of those red boxes, as I've put the
> Template:Stub on most new articles.  The idea of that template is to note
> articles that may not be verified for accuracy, or completeness.  Obviously,
> the intention is not to scare off people. 

I hope this


is not what Matt is referring to. Because if that is scaring people, we 
need to rethink the whole documentation thing.


P.S. Ok, perhaps some better wording in the stub to explain what and why 
it's there, and YES to removing it from deserving documents. But really, 
is it scaring users?

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