[wp-docs] Codex license: CC better than GPL?

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Feb 27 08:37:47 GMT 2008

Alex Günsche wrote:
> In short terms: the GPL protects the literal code, but a translation
> contains no literal parts of the original -- only its ideas and
> concepts. It is questionable in how far a translation is a derivative
> work, and you would have decide it for each piece of work. This is prone
> to cause legal confusion. The CC licenses however also protect (to a
> certain extent) the idea behind a work, therefore the translations
> licensing issue is easier to solve with a CC license. (IMHO, IANAL.)

Well if you think of the intention, I think licensing the translations 
the same as the Codex and WordPress itself would fit very much within 
what the ultimate goal is for the Codex, which is to have a large body 
of work that is available under the same terms as WordPress itself and 
could, if needed, be included directly with the WordPress distribution.

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