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Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Wed Feb 21 16:02:13 GMT 2007

Hi Martin,


a) Rewriting the "Writing a Plugin" article was already at the top of 
my To Do list. I might have time later this week. It is definitely a 
bit disorganized, and it should reference (rather than duplicate) the 
Plugin API article.

b) I totally agree that there are a ton of pages that loop around 
endlessly when you are trying to find documentation... believe me, the 
situation was worse a month or two ago! But it still needs 
improvement. I've been focusing my efforts on improving the 
organization of the developer-related documentation, removing 
duplicated information, making central places to look for information, 
etc. But more does need to be done. I've made notes of your specific 
points, but you can feel free to jump in and improve things too.

c) Function Reference:
> I'm not aware of the history of this page, but according to your
> reaction, I assume that in the past there was not such a reference. 

There was a reference page before, but it was missing about 75% of the 
functions. Jump in and add documentation and organization at will! 
Please! :) You also mentioned some kind of Table of Contents -- the 
Wiki makes it easy to add links down the page, so that can be added 
too. Good idea!

d) Here are 3 places that I think need more documentation in the 
developer reference area, if you want to help:

1) Function Reference - each function should at least have a short 
description, and better yet a documentation page. Better categories 
might be useful too, or maybe listing functions in more categories.

2) Template Tags - add the rest of the functions from the 
*-template.php files, so that the lists are complete, and document 
functions that are lacking documentation currently. Right now, only a 
subset of the functions are on the page, and it seems quite arbitrary. 
Note that some functions are on separate pages (like the Conditional 
Tags and the Include Tags).

3) Hooks list - document these hooks, perhaps organize them into 

Jennifer Hodgdon

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