[wp-docs] I've been blocked...

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Mon Feb 19 16:46:43 GMT 2007

Forgot to mention that my user name is jHodgdon.

> After several weeks of contributing to the Codex (quite a bit, if I do 
> say so myself), I tried to edit a page today and found that I had been 
> blocked. Can someone fix this? I can't add to anyone's "Talk" page since 
> I am blocked... here is the message I got. It is odd, because 
> whatismyip.com says that my IP address is (we have a 
> static IP). So I am not sure what is going on. I do not know anything 
> about "programy".... has someone broken into my account or something?
> Thanks for any help you can offer...
>     Jennifer
> **************
> Your user name or IP address has been blocked by MichaelH.
> The reason given is this:
> Autoblocked because you share an IP address with "Programy". Reason 
> "spammer".
> You may contact MichaelH or one of the other administrators to discuss 
> the block. Note that you may not use the "email this user" feature 
> unless you have a valid email address registered in your user 
> preferences. Your IP address is Please include this 
> address in any queries you make.
> Return to Main Page.
> ***************

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