[wp-docs] Codex down; is there a better support address?

Jerry Peek jpeek at jpeek.com
Wed Nov 8 14:16:58 GMT 2006

On 7 November 2006 at 11:58, "Robert Deaton" <robert at lushlab.com> wrote:
> http://www.grabperf.org/homepage.php?page=scatter&test=148&hours=2
> This has been happening on and off for a while.

I hadn't seen grabperf; that's interesting.  I'm not a sysadmin
anymore; I'm sure there are other monitoring tools I haven't seen.

I've been using wget in a cron job to fetch a few pages from my
server periodically and, if the page times out or there are other
errors, it sends me email.  It's caught several server failures.
If there's no monitoring like that of codex, maybe it would help
to catch the problems as they're happening?  Just an idea...


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