[wp-docs] Search Engines Grab Users

Margaret Brock margaret at mopdah.com
Wed Mar 30 17:33:59 GMT 2005

I've been kind of lurking here for a few days and following this with 
interest and this is my take:

I'm a retired computer programmer so I'm not entirely an airhead when 
it comes to computer stuff, BUT when I encounter something that is new 
to me, I do "RTFM" and if the manual - or in this case the WIKI - is 
wrong either because someone posted bad information in an attempt to 
mislead people (hey, it happens) or as Lorelle is saying her posts are 
intended as drafts, how am I to know?

If I was new to WordPress and followed incomplete information, it would 
turn me off and I would not likely ever return.

There are a bazillion blogware apps out there. I've tried lots and 
abandoned them all in favor of WordPress because here I found the best 

Please don't let that deteriorate.

"wiki" and "codex" are geek words. There are lots of people who will be 
drawn to blogging and WordPress because of it's ease of use who will 
not know what those words mean or what the implications of having 
information housed in a wiki might be. In my humble opinion, it's not 
the right way to go for documentation that's being rolled out to the 

Take care, Margaret

On 30-Mar-05, at 11:04 AM, <lorelle at cameraontheroad.com> wrote:

> As exciting as that headline is, the ROUGH DRAFT articles I posted in 
> my user section have already been grabbed by Google and others.  
> Looking for something else, a couple of my Lessons articles popped up, 
> posted 3 days ago.

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