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I am on this list but have never edited the codex. Forgive me for asking but
I don't see your personal note? Can you reiterate here or did you just do
so? :)

No moving from server to server is not the same but much is outside the
realm of WP. I havbe moved my blog around several times and it is quite
simple to do an account transfer from cPanel but not everyone has cPanel. If
they don't, here are rough steps (some outside of WP)

Assuming the user can handle DNS changes for the domain:

1. Create a new database on the new server.
2. Dump current database to the new one. Easy way for newbies is to use
phpMyAdmin to export from one then login to the other and import. However,
if SSH is enabled on the new server and remote mysql access is enabled on
the old server, the simplest method is to run:

bash$ mysqldump -h hostname -u username -p password wp_database | mysql -u
newuser -p newpassword new_wp_database

3. Backup all files from old server, usually through FTP download to local
and upload to new, though I like direct copy via scp from one server to the

4. Edit wp-config.php with new database details.

5. IF DNS resolution has been completed, login to wp-admin and change any
necessary details for the new location, including permalink structures (if
necessary). If DNS resolution is not complete, it might help in the interim
to modify wp_options values for home and siteurl so it's not redirecting the
user to the old server while DNS changes.

There's a lot to cover. Using a cPanel account copy is the easiest though if
available for the user as you just put in account details on the old server
and it copies over. If the user does not have WHM access, they may need to
supply info to the host.

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A day or so ago I posted a note on 
http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_to_a_new_server asking if the directions 
were the same as moving WordPress from one directory to another - like from 
a test directory.  Still no answer and now I have a PERSONAL need to know. 
Besides, knowing the answer will give me one more thing to do on Wiki Day - 
clean up this article to include a yes or no.

So - are the instructions the same for moving within your domain to another 
folder?  If yes, then we'll make a note of it.  If no, then we need 
something written.  I'm having a hell of a time, so I'll write what I know 
and let the pros figure out the details.


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