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Carthik Sharma carthik at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 21:11:52 GMT 2005

I am not aware of a Troubleshooting Themes page, maybe it is a section
of some other page?

About the pics - no new news. Matt must be busy. I figure a - [L]
rewrite rule for the /images/* directories should fix it.


On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 11:26:56 -0600, lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
<lorelle at cameraontheroad.com> wrote:
> In First Steps, I've mentioned that people who are having trouble with
> themes should check out Troubleshooting Themes.  I was sure I saw something
> somewhere about this, but I now can't find it.
> Is there such a page?
> And what's the story on the pics?  Anything yet?
> Lorelle
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