[wp-docs] Combating Comment Spam Updates

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Fri Mar 18 07:49:13 GMT 2005

James Huff wrote:
> Ok, as suggested many times, I'm going to take a major stab at the 
> Combating Comment Spam page: 

Cool - it needs it :)

> Create a separate page for each plugin, captcha, and hack, thus reducing 
> the related sections of the main Combating Comment Spam page to bulleted 
> lists.
> Each separate page will contain the plugin's compatibility, a link to 
> the plugin, a full description, and a rating based on five criteria.  

I would have a page per overall method, and I would not use a rating 
system myself. I can see the point, but by rating them we are swaying 
user choice so possibly reducing the variety of techniques WP users 
employ and this could be considered a strength.
I also think that it will open a huge can of worms of "that plugin is 
better than this" which is best avoided.

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