[wp-docs] User accounts

Morgan Doocy morgan at doocy.net
Thu Mar 17 01:28:55 GMT 2005

On Mar 16, 2005, at 6:08 AM, Podz wrote:
> It's simply about keeping a decent house, and I do not see why we have 
> to copy what this wiki or that wiki is doing - it's Codex, we built 
> it, we make the rules, and if one of our rules is that you have to 
> have made a contribution to stay, then why not ?

With regards to your "decent house" comment: see Matthew Thomas' 
response about this being a purely psychological issue. In the sysadmin 
frame of mind, things like this have no order or disorder: they just 

With regards to the "this wiki or that wiki" comment: I agree that no 
two wikis are the same, and that it would be incredibly irresponsible 
of us to just copy someone else. But any decent wiki must at least 
consider what Wikipedia does, or risk repeating history. Please do not 
discount what Wikipedia does as a valuable model to learn from: turning 
a blind eye to the methods of such a successful site would be equally 
as irresponsible as blindly copying it.

> I would even say that if you create a User: page, and you are not a 
> spammer, that you are never deleted. Okay, so that bit isn't perfect 
> and needs some talking, but let's not go down the non-thinking route - 
> which is how I see (1) above.

See my other email about playing god with users' accounts. No benefit, 
no point, invasion of privacy, blah blah blah.

> I'm not trying to be inflammatory, but it seems that a suggestion for 
> discussion has caused two camps, and I'm sure that both can create the 
> bridge with some constructive thinking. This proposal would /never/ 
> have been met with such emotion had we all been sat round a table 
> would it ?

You could ask me however or wherever you want about this issue, and my 
answer would be an equally emphatic "NO."


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