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Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Wed Mar 16 15:45:00 GMT 2005

Tor Bjornrud wrote:
  > I think in the case that someone is clearly abusing the account system
> and codex, it's perfectly alright to delete an account.  This is very 
> different from someone just creating an acct and leaving it, imho.

True :)
I do wonder though if a script did hit the site ...

> I haven't weighed in on this yet, but I think it's a bad policy given 
> that the codex is supposed to be an inclusive project.  Who's to say 
> that someone who created an acct got distracted and didn't get to 
> contribute?  I know I poked around the codex for quite a while before 
> ever posting, and even now I haven't done all that much.  But if I had 
> found that my account was deleted because of inactivity, that would've 
> been quite discouraging.
> Basically, I value making the codex more inviting to occasional editors 
> FAR more than saving some user account real estate, which is practically 
> free.

Likewise I did some, then went silent ... so the same thing applies to me.

> In addition, leaving accounts fits the open-source commons that we're 
> trying to build with the WordPress community.  It's fine to have a 
> meritocracy, and works extremely well, but I don't think that needs to 
> conflict with welcoming users and contributors with open arms.  Deleting 
> user accounts *can* be perceived as the contributor not being "good 
> enough" to be in our club.

I have a point I'll make in a followup.

> Leave no contributor behind.

Agreed - but A2gay.org.uk ... a contributor ? I'll eat my hat :)

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