[wp-docs] User accounts

lorelle at cameraontheroad.com lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Wed Mar 16 03:28:33 GMT 2005

Things like books are a far cry different than a name on a list that can be 
reentered.  But I totally understand your perspective.  I'm the LAST one in 
the house to get rid of a book, which is a crime as far as I'm concerned. 
When I haven't visited a site for a while, it is VERY common to lose my 
account.  Hotmail, as an example, keeps changing their policies from 90 days 
to 30 days to 10 days and who knows what it is now.  When they are closed, I 
have to sign in and come up with ANOTHER new password or dance the dance 
they want me to dance in order to participate again.  It's very common in 
the online world.

Anyway, I did say that "I" would clean house, but I also said that it wasn't 
up to me to decide.  I leave that to higher powers.

But I did wonder and wish I'd been the one to ask.  We now know that there 
is such a list; that for some, such a list has value; and hopefully, from 
this discussion, there will be guidelines which help future askers of such 
questions understand that the powers that be have thought this out and they 
have come up with a decision on how it is to be handled.


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