[wp-docs] [Dev Doc] WordPress Database Reference

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Mon Mar 14 12:58:47 GMT 2005

Michael D.Adams wrote:

> I've started writing up some info on the wpdb database interface class 
> for inclusion in [[WordPress Database Reference]].  I suppose it could 
> go into [[WordPress Function Reference]] instead.
> In either case, to any hacker types out there, is the information I've 
> got so far useful, or should we just point people to the ezSQL docs 
> and make a note of the few differences?

This is nice.  I think that we should provide documentation in our style 
for the ezSQL functions, at least those commonly used by the core code 
and defined under the $wpdb object.  Especially missing from what you've 
got are the table definitions.

This page would be well-placed in Developer Documentation -> WordPress 
Function Reference -> Class Reference -> wpdb, and should be referenced 
from anywhere in the dev docs that talks about databases, like on the 
page that describes the database structure itself, [[WordPress Database 
Reference]].  I had envisioned the [[WordPress Database Reference]] page 
as a definition of the database tables and fields and their purposes.

How I've described categorizing this is a little deep into the site.  
Maybe the [[WordPress Class Reference]] page should be linked to from 
[[Developer Documentation]] directly?

Anyway, that's just my mental organization on the topics.  Yours, if 
different, may make more sense.


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