[wp-docs] Validation Error with Plugins Might Need Attentionin Codex

lorelle at cameraontheroad.com lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Wed Mar 9 21:33:14 GMT 2005

I just want to understand this issue with PHP sessions.  Are plugins (in
general, not specfically) supposed to NOT use sessions?  (This is from
someone who is totally illiterate about PHP other than what it takes to make
my site go and do pretty things.) If they are NOT or "shouldn't" because of
this known error, then YES we need to put some reference in the "how to make
your own plugin" pages to help future authors.  If we can narrow down which
plugins trigger this bug, then it would be "nice" to let them know about it,
if they don't, so they might find a work around or something.

Does this error cause harm to the site or content?  It is just annoying to
me, but what do I know?

For users who are determined to get that "Validates" button to wear proudly,
we need to put something in the plainest of terms about this in the Codex.
Troubleshooting would be a good start, FAQ is a must, but it needs to be
listed as a known issue. I'd title it "Why does my site fail validation?" 
rather than the XHTML validation - just to keep it simple simple.

In the article  at
he has a work around, but he calls it dangerous.  I wouldn't know dangerous
workaround if it bit me in a private part.  Is it?  Is this a possible fix? 
He has the article out there now, and it's mentioned on the forums, so it 
will turn up in searches. He is willing to set the record straight for 
whatever that means so the "fix" is out there.  Will that fix hurt WordPress 

I wouldn't have brought this up here, but it is something that seems like it
would affect most WordPress users - IF they go for the validation test. And 
we're training them to look for the answers in the Codex.


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