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Mon Mar 7 04:20:28 GMT 2005

I'm such a little housekeeper lately.

I've found http://codex.wordpress.org/Special:Wantedpages and there are a lot of pages on this list that exist. The problem is that it takes you to an edit page rather than the page itself. There are a ton of stuff on here.  These are functioning pages.  AH, I bet it's that capitalization thing that I've been fighting.  This is what I get when I mess with the caps.

I checked and a lot of these are from user serendipity who I remember was doing a lot of work on the Main Page but the links have probably all changed or she didn't have them exactly right during the work process. But there are others like tons of ??? that come from plugins.

If you are looking for a list of wanted articles, is there a place?  I posted a list of things, per request, that I thought would be good to bring over from the old Wiki at http://codex.wordpress.org/Talk:Wiki_Day and this might be good to clean up and list in a serious "Articles Wanted" page.

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