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Fri Mar 4 01:32:59 GMT 2005

Challenged by missing files in a few of the Themes I've been downloading, I asked a question on the forums at http://wordpress.org/support/topic.php?id=26038 and found out that by default, if a file is missing but called from the theme, it picks it up from the default theme.  The problem comes in styling conflicts, if there are or aren't styles within those files.

Specifically, I found some Themes missing comment files, but there may be others missing.

1. We need to put this information in the Codex anywhere that involves developing or designing themes.

2. Anywhere that discusses or instructs on themes needs to have this information - I'm talking about source code documentation, external websites, wherever we can think of.

3. Information for those hosting Theme contests or design contests which involve Themes need to make sure that designers either include all the basic files or allow for CSS that adjusts the default files they leave out.

I'm jumping on this because of the contest currently running and because of the bazillions wanting to get into the Theme biz and grabbing info from the Codex.  It's got to be really clear.

Lorelle VanFossen
New web site address and email:  www.cameraontheroad.com
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