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Carthik Sharma carthik at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 15:39:20 GMT 2005

I personally think that comparisons with Nupedia, and Wikipedia ought
to stop at some point. There a few critical differences:

1. There is only one possible new page title in Wikipedia, and that is
the name of the person/thing/place/technique/object being described on
the page. In the Codex, we have to decide the name sensibly, before a
new page gets linked-to from all over the web.

2. Wikipedia has a lot more volunteers. With 3-5 people admining and
about 40 contributing to the codex, with no one doing this as anything
but a part-time task, we have a tough time pruning and maintaining our
work of art.

3. Leaving links to new pages that are yet to be created is good,
until someone starts clicking them and making stub-pages with maybe a
line or two of text, so we will have 'n' pages describing the same
thing, since I don't expect the links to nonexisting pages to all be
the same everywhere.

More admins, with well defined roles might be a solution at a later time.

If you were to compare our effort to that of the huge popular, and
acclaimed, Gentoo documentation project, then there are a few things
we can learn from it - a bugtracker, and non-wiki based documentation.

In my opinion, what we need is a wiki, but with some amount of control
of what the page titles and the organization will be. Nothing new


On Wed, 02 Mar 2005 19:46:12 -0700, Craig Hartel <craig at nuclearmoose.com> wrote:
> Awesome points, Morgan and Matt. I agree that the current "system" sucks big
> time. I'll check out the Nupedia link.
> Craig.
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