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Carthik Sharma carthik at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 06:45:46 GMT 2005

On Tue, 01 Mar 2005 23:21:32 -0700, Craig Hartel <craig at nuclearmoose.com> wrote:
> Some well-meaning people have put in some new pages, but unfortunately the
> content is mostly duplicated (IMO) and also they have plans to make "individual
> pages for plugins" as things develop. Too much work. Plugins can be linked and a
> short description done, but no way can we afford to have to try and maintain
> everything about plugins. That's the job of the authors on their own sites.
> Codex should only point to the resource.

If it is their desire to have pages describing their plugins as a
useb-page of their user page, then in my opinion we should not stop
that. This will preserve sanity in the Main: namespace and provide
resource to those who want to maintain a set of pages explaining their
contributions to the community. Ideally, a note should be left on the
User's page describing wp-plugins.org and requesting them to use that
resource to host the plugin as well as the accompanying documentation
for the plugin.
> We need to get the word out about people getting on to this list. We also need
> to remind people (in a friendly way, of course) that in order to save a lot of
> work, they need to read and follow the guidelines.
Maybe we can add an announcement on the front page regarding the
resurrection of the wp-docs mailing list? (I would do it, but I am
busy atm)


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