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Michael E. Hancock mhancock at us.net
Mon Jun 27 17:39:51 GMT 2005

The "Install WordPress for A Friend" project that's been discussed (and on
the IRC Meetup discussion list again this week) is another list of qualified

Why not let a person be nominated to the IRC list or the "Install WordPress
for A Friend" list.
Rule 1.  You can't put yourself on the list.
Rule 2.  You (the nominated person) keeps their information current.
Rule 3.   You also have to have a Codex User page to get on the list.

Can't be anymore of a nightmare than the multitude of Plugin and Theme
references now in Codex.

Let's brag about our high-qualified people!!

Michael E. Hancock
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> Docs Team,
> It has come to my attention that some people want to create a list of
> IRC users on the codex. It has come up that users would have to be
> asked, who would take care of it, etc.
> My facts, there's about 25-50 users in the forums and irc that are on
> often and are very knowledgeable about wordpress. Nobody knows who's
> trustworthy (as noted in http://wordpress.org/support/topic/37482).
> Ask the users, have users add their names, that way its their choice.
> Delegate somebody who's in irc all the time to keep the page clean of
> users who aren't often helping in irc or other such mediums. Instead of
> editing a irc users page, how about creating a support page with a list
> of people who can be trusted.
> Also, another gripe was about self promotion and links to users pages
> and sites... well what about your Documentation team page
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Documentation_team  Isn't it one sided to say
> that hey, we can have a page that lists OUR names but anybody else is
> self promotion? (yes, my name is on there, but it has been for a long
> time and depending on the outcome of this, I might remove it.)
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