[wp-docs] trying again

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Sun Jun 19 18:29:00 GMT 2005

Podz wrote:
> Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
>> Well the people doing that *probably* aren't on this list or the 
>> hackers list. People here know better. Since a subset of people will 
>> cause trouble no matter what pre-emptive measures what we do, what can 
>> we do to make responding to them less frustrating for you? Maybe a 
>> Codex article that you could link to and then just close the thread?
> I don't know:
> - Close threads, they whinge and reopen more
> - Delete posts. see above
> - Provide support. Not an option.
> I don't know what the answer is.
> I'm too annoyed right now.

I like the idea of pointing to a Codex article, and then locking the 
thread.  I'll gladly help moderate these "problem" posts.

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