[HyperDB] 1.0 soon

Jim McQuillan jim at jimmcq.com
Wed Jun 30 05:58:07 UTC 2010

Does anyone know if the SharDB plugin works with the new HyperDB 1.0
release, or does it need also need an update?



On 6/3/2010 10:56 AM, Andy Skelton wrote:
> I have tagged current trunk as 0.1. Trunk will be changing very
> rapidly beginning now. These are the goals:
> * Remove BackPress support
> * Remove WPMU support in favor of WP 3.0
> * Remove globals like $db_servers, $db_tables
> * Remove $single_db (just use wpdb if no multiple DBs)
> * class hyperdb extends wpdb (much easier to maintain)
> * Move config function logic to hyperdb class
>   - leave back-compat wrappers in config file for lazy upgrade
>   - you can modify the wrappers
> * Instantiate with DB constants before loading config
>   - you can query that DB to determine how to configure hyperdb!
>   - it's okay if you don't have those constants or they are empty
>   - if you don't query, it won't connect. no performance hit.
> * Remove get_ds_part_from_table
> * Remove $hash
> * Replace the two above with a plug-in system
>   - you can define and register your own function in your config
>   - function arg will be the query. it can use get_table_from_query.
>   - function will return compact('dataset', 'partition', 'database')
>   - db_connect will extract (overwrite) so it's quite powerful
>   - no function registered, no performance hit
> * Merge some custom wordpress.com db features into hyperdb 1.0
> * Simplify installation procedure, make it atomic (safer)
>   - Deploying only db.php has no effect (it falls back on wpdb)
>   - Deploying db-config.php turns on hyperdb
> The next few changesets will break WPMU and fix 3.0.
> If you are using WPMU and not planning on migrating to WP 3.0 you will
> be maintaining your own branch of hyperdb.
> When you upgrade to 1.0 you will be REQUIRED to update your
> configuration. The upgrade will most likely be copy/paste and
> search/replace, two minutes with a text editor. I'm changing the
> config file name to force you to take action.
> Using a new config file name also makes the upgrade safer. You can
> deploy the new config then deploy the new db.php for an atomic
> upgrade. Naturally you should test before deploying to a production
> site.
> If you are using any of the things I plan to remove please reply. I
> will try to make it easy for everyone to upgrade.
> To discuss any planned new features or requests please start a new subject.
> Cheers,
> Andy
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