[HyperDB] multi-datacenter configuration

Beck, Joe Joe_Beck at Comcast.com
Sat Jun 12 12:03:23 UTC 2010

I guess at that point (master db down) db-settings.php would be updated to
point all writes to the slave.

If anyone who is doing multi-datacenter with hyperdb can offer feedback in
terms of architecture & configuration that would be helpful.
In terms of writes...
if mysql is config¹d in master slave config or master-master but all write
traffic is routed to single master via hyperdb, I¹m concerned about latency‹
if my config is:
akamai in front, caching many reads & doing GTM (global traffic mgr) to
origin (my blog web servers) for the rest of the traffic
datacenter(DC) east: 3 web nodes & 3 db nodes
datacenter(DC) west: 3 web nodes & 3 db nodes

the latency I expect to occur is if my primary write db is in DC east and
write traffic that flows through DC west will look at hyperdb config & send
all write traffic to my primary db in DC east...this may be an issue
depending on pipe/bandwidth, traffic volume, and load.

Is this the config that some of you using, or similar type of setup?
And, has anyone tested and addressed this latency concern?

thanks for any feedback,

On 6/2/10 4:35 PM, "Andy Skelton" <skeltoac at gmail.com> wrote:

>> > does this mean there is a single point of failure then?
>> > if the data center with the master (write) db is inaccessible/down/whatever
>> > or that db server is down/offline/whatever then no writes can happen?
> Yes.
> We do not use multi-master anywhere in our system, so I don't know
> from experience, but I think if you use that you will be able to
> configure HyperDB to work with it.
> Andy
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