[HyperDB] HyperDB instead of HSCALE

Harry Sufehmi sufehmi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 01:55:48 GMT 2009


A client of mine (we offer managed dedicated server) managed to
overload his server when his website became too successful.  We then
optimized his server and the load went down - but after a while it
started to climb up again.

Turned out that with faster performance, came even more traffic.
Needless to say, he's very happy, but also concerned. So he asked us
about a multiple server setup.

I researched the topic and found out about HSCALE. I was interested to
utilize it to implement horizontal partitioning. I like its
loose-coupling approach, compared to MySQL's own solutions : (1)
clustering: requires you to shutdown the whole stuff to set up a new
node, (2) replication: doesn't seem to scale too well (3) vertical
partitioning : definitely doesn't scale well.

Unfortunately, there are several minor problems with HSCALE, but a
showstopper for his case.
So I looked around again, and found HyperDB.

My plan is :

(1) duplicate his database to another server

(2) setup HyperDB so :
# writes (new posts/comments/pages/etc) would be done to both database servers
# reads would be split 50:50 between DBs

After reading the docs and this list's archive, I assume that this is possible.

Could someone please do a quick confirmation to this assumption?
Many thanks in advance.


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