[HyperDB] Multiple database connections?

Brian Layman Brian at b5media.com
Mon Sep 22 23:01:03 GMT 2008

If you figure that each database server can only process a certain number of
commands at any one time and that it can only send out a certain amount of
information at once, you can see that increased traffic can eventually
overrun your resources.  When you get to that point, obviously you'll
improve your performance when you double, triple or quadruple the processing
power and bandwidth by adding more servers/datacenters. Additionally, if a
server or 
datacenter goes down, having all requests seamlessly route another database
server/center allows your site to stay up.

HyperDB provides ability leverage multiple database servers and/or
datacenters to address these kinds of perfomance issues.

Hope that helps.

Brian Layman
b5media, Inc.

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I have not inspected the HyperDB code nor used it, but if I am just 
logically thinking...
If I have articles in database #1 and comments in database #2 --- isn't 
it slower to have it in several servers and databases (using HyperDB) in 
comparison to one DB, one server? (this question is a result from 
experiencing that connection to database server takes time)

If you find this question irrelevant please reply anyway, I'd like to 
catch on on this.

Thank you,
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