[HyperDB] RE: HyperDB Digest, Vol 1, Issue 4

Toby Simmons toby at simmonsconsulting.com
Tue May 29 13:15:36 GMT 2007

> Your name:

Toby Simmons

> 20 word background:

By day, Director of Network Services for statewide newspaper, by night,
freelance web guy stuff. User of WP since 0.72.

(Whoa, first try, exactly 20 words.)

> How you'd like to use HyperDB:

We use MySQL (and PostgreSQL, and Sybase ASE 12 and MS SQL) in various
applications and anything that can contribute to faster DB, I am very
interested. Plus, how cool is the name "HyperDB"? Who *wouldn't* be

W. Tobias Simmons
Simmons Consulting, Web Design and Marketing
toby at simmonsconsulting.com
Phone: 501.821.4230 / Fax: 501.244.4416

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