[HyperDB] Introductions

Hippensteel Thomas hippensteel at mac.com
Tue May 29 00:36:12 GMT 2007

> Your name:

Tom Hippensteel

> 20 word background:

Director @ LiquidConcrete, Inc., a company who's corporate site is  
getting redesigned to run on WP. orderedlist.com is doing the redesign.

> How you'd like to use HyperDB:

I'm probably not qualified to be on this lis, but I'm a big fan of WP  
and play around with (read: mangle) a few different installs. We have  
some ideas brewing here at our corporate HQ that might be candidates  
for HyperDB. We're exploring some ways to interact and contribute to  
communication in our industry, which is industrial coatings. Not  
exactly a web savvy group of folks. You'll generally find a concrete  
trowel in our hands instead of a keyboard. Also, I read Matt's blog  
and have been known to sign onto lists I'm not qualified to  
contribute to.

Tom Hippensteel
Director, Sales and Marketing | LiquidConcrete, Inc.
P 800.201.9300 ext. 717 | F 702.975.0549
tomh at liquidconcrete.com

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