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#7372: Add page for Member Type directory listing
 Reporter:  Venutius      |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:
Component:  Members       |     Version:  2.3.0
 Severity:  normal        |  Resolution:  invalid
 Keywords:  dev-feedback  |
Changes (by DJPaul):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => invalid
 * milestone:  Under Consideration =>


 Hi @Venutius - thanks very much for your suggestion. I hope the code
 @slaFFik helped you achieve this on your site.

 Generally speaking, the Page-to-BuddyPress0component mapping dates back to
 version 1.6, which I think -- with hindsight -- all involved then, now
 regret making that particular architectural decision. Sooner or later we
 will migrate to using something like rewrite rules, and these pages and
 their mappings will disappear. I don't believe it's worth adding more
 features around the page mapping logic at this time.

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