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#2271: whos online widget not working in some configuration due a timezone
 Reporter:  francescolaffi                       |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)                         |  francescolaffi
 Priority:  normal                               |      Status:  closed
Component:  Core                                 |   Milestone:  1.2.4
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 Keywords:  whos online widget get_users dev-    |  Resolution:  fixed
  feedback has-patch                             |
Changes (by courtneybostdorff):

 * keywords:  whos online widget, get_users, dev-feedback has-patch => whos
     online widget get_users dev-feedback has-patch
 * severity:   => normal


 Hello, wow this is an old topic. I recently installed a fresh copy of both
 WP and BP. For whatever reason, the WHO's ONLINE widget shows me nothing
 though I have multiple users logged in at the same time. Also, the
 "RECENTLY ACTIVE MEMBERS" widget shows me nothing, however, the "MEMBERS"
 widget shows the members and their latest activity.

 It seems that this topic has been resolved since 7 years ago as I can find
 no recent posts with the same issue. I attempted the solution in this post
 but the bp-core-classes.php file no longer contains the same code as it
 did back then.

 I tried using the default wp theme, tried disabling all plugins and then
 reactivating to check for compatibility issues, tried removing and then
 adding the widgets, tried changing timezones.......but no dice.

 Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


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