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#7338: Companion Stylesheet - Twentyseventeen
 Reporter:  hnla           |       Owner:  hnla
     Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  2.8
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Comment (by hnla):

 Thanks @Offereins,

 >BP increases font-size on the .entry-title page title. This deviates from
 the global theme layout.

 yes I dithered over this as generally I want to follow themes styles as
 much as possible, on the titles they just looked far too small and just
 odd, to some extent BP adds unique content and on it's screens I tend to
 think we take liberties and do what looks best for BP rather than theme
 but this isn't perhaps best.

 I'll re-factor to remove the heading sizes.

 >The page's content column width since breakpoint @ 880 is too wide to my
 liking. The page title has to wrap because of it

 Hmm I'll check, for major elements I use the themes breakpoints, for
 granular BP elements I'll use a further set - I'm assuming this for
 screens where the two column look is set?

 I'll check button element for profile save, it may have been by design but
 also maybe just an element that has yet to be corrected for this theme(not
 sure about the other themes).

 I'll check the smaller screens for directory content, again might just be
 something not yet addressed.

 Thanks for the feedback.

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