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#5835: Allow a few more tags/attr on bp allowed tags filter.
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 Running on from ticket ##3374

 Perhaps allowing a few more elements and atts through the
 bp_allowed_activity_tags filter might be useful?

 I would suggest adding `<b>`, `<i>` as two essential typographic visual
 conventions (not strong or em).

 The anchor element would benefit from having the 'title' attr  - this is
 arguably a more or as equally important attr as the provided 'rel' one.

 The provided span tag in this context (similar in vein to the wp editor
 usage) is really only of use if one is able to also add the 'style' attr
 without this attr it's not really useful to general users who won't know
 what class to add nor developers/site admins to know what styles to apply
 to a possibly unknown token (granted probably the majority of users won't
 know what properties might be added via the style tag)

 If there's agreement I can test and patch.

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