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#5789: Buddypress doesn't send password when admin register new user on MU
 Reporter:  godavid33                    |       Owner:
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 Priority:  normal                       |   Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 Replying to [comment:1 godavid33]:
 > And it's actually a super easy fix. I unfortunately don't understand how
 to create a patch, but if in /bp-core-filters.php you change line 261 such

 Hi godavid33,

 Thanks for your feedback. I'm not sure the fix is that "super easy" :) If
 the user registers from front office using the BuddyPress registration
 page, the WordPress generated password (on account activation) is replaced
 by BuddyPress to the one the user set before activation. The problem is
 that the user set password is hashed on registration. That's the reason
 you have the filter on {{{'update_welcome_user_email'}}}.

 In other words, the password generated by WordPress on account activation
 is not the one the user set when registering.

 If you look at the beginning of the
 {{{bp_core_filter_user_welcome_email()}}}, you'll see that it returns the
 original welcome email if {{{is_admin()}}}, meaning if the user has been
 created from the administration.

 So i think the problem is due to the fact you're creating a user from the
 Network Administration user screen. I'm attaching 5789.patch to this
 ticket, could you check if it solves the trouble ?

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