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#5599: Change Profile Settings to Privacy Settings
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 This is a follow-up to #5352.

 I only just discovered the feature at #5352 and found it to be a great
 addition. however, after using it a few times, I think that using the word
 '''Profile''' is a little confusing and not obvious as to what the user
 will find.

 I know the discussion has already been completed, but I'd like to re-open
 it and suggest the use of the word '''Privacy''' instead.

 I spent some time using it, and after putting hands and eyes onto it, it
 is not intuitive what Profile settings are (since we already have a
 Profile page). They are not profile settings anyhow, they are privacy

 An additional thought, which may need a new ticket, would be to have the
 ''change'' links on the '''profile -> edit''' page link to the privacy
 settings page instead of opening up the radio box selector to change the
 setting for that individual field. From a UX perspective, if you want to
 change privacy settings on the fields, it is perhaps better acheived from
 the new master settings page you have created instead of individual on the
 fields themselve.

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