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#5586: Add ID to editfield DIV
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     Type:  enhancement        |      Status:  new
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Comment (by hnla):

 Generally with a series of elements such as this, forms, lists etc things
 that repeat often in a loop sense it useful to ensure the main parent has
 a unique token, I'll nearly always  drop a '-1', '-2' in the class list.
 adding a token to the parent is important  - although we are well catered
 for here - as we tend to always hook rules via descendent selectors thus
 one works from the outermost parent  which allows us to easily target the
 children, often seen is the error where parent has no token or tokens only
 on children which causes issues.

 Adding a class 'editfield-1' ought to be sufficient along with existing
 class 'editfield' for generic styles.

 Sidenotes: See underscores in those tokens ought really to be hyphens
 always in tokens. That div editfield would better be marked up as a
 'fieldset' but perhaps that's a matter for template pack to pick up on.

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