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#5586: Add ID to editfield DIV
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 @DJPaul The fields themselves do have fieldname e.g. {{{field-1}}} as id,
 but the divs don't have any ids. The div class is {{{editfield}}}. All
 field divs are of the class editfield. This works fine if I want to format
 ALL fields in the same way, but not if I want to apply specific formatting
 to specific fields. (I am trying this on BuddyPress 2.0 so if things have
 changed since then then I take all this back).

 This is the output I am getting at the moment:
 <div class="editfield">
 <label for="field_14">Derék (cm)</label>
 <input id="field_14" name="field_14" type="number" value=""/>
 <p class="field-visibility-settings-notoggle" id="field-visibility-
 This field can be seen by:
 <span class="current-visibility-level">Everyone</span>
 <p class="description"/>

 I want to change the {{{<div class="editfield">}}}  above to {{{<div
 class="editfield" id="field_14">}}}

 The issue is at what level the identifier is inserted. e.g. my extension
 for OpenCart is decently popular because when people want to format
 categories, it makes a difference whether the ID is attached to the <li>
 or the content inside it.

 e.g. I consider myself fairly proficient in CSS but I don't know how I
 would, in BuddyPress, put 2 fields in the same horizontal line short of
 ugly hacks which may not work well on all screens.

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