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#5578: Child Translations
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 Every once in a while someone asks on the forums how to rename BuddyPress
 components: Perhaps someone wants to rename Groups to Schools or Majors or
 Study Groups. Or maybe someone wants to rename Friends to Mates or

 Our stock response is to ask them to edit/create the language files:

 This is a workable but deeply unsatisfying solution. For one it takes a
 LOT of work to find and rename each reference to the component name
 individually in POedit. More importantly, all the changes would be wiped
 off upon updating BuddyPress. Further, if someone is using BuddyPress in a
 non-English language, then they basically have to edit the language file
 which faces the same overwriting issues.

 So, what I propose is this:

 A while ago WordPress implemented Child Themes. This has been an immensely
 successful initiative. We could take inspiration from that and introduce
 Child Translations.

 Essentially, the site admin can create a language file containing ONLY the
 strings that are different on his/her blog compared to standard version of
 the translation. This file is placed in /wp-content/languages/child/ or
 something to that effect. When BuddyPress loads translations, the ones in
 the file in the child subfolder takes precedence over those in languages
 folder....so strings present in the child subfolder mo are loaded from
 that and the rest of the strings are loaded from the languages mo. When
 translations are updated the languages mo is overwritten with a new
 version, but it doesn't matter as the child mo still outranks it.

 This will allow people to not only change component names, but also
 experiment with other parts of the program.

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