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#2062: Group Invites should show all members when friends is disabled
 Reporter:  PeterAnselmo  |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  major         |   Milestone:  2.1
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > can you please elaborate on your first point in your reply to #5536?

 I think that removing the checkboxes when the site gets to a certain size
 is probably (part of) the correct solution. Auto-complete on large sites
 still causes stress, but less so than rendering thousands of checkboxes.
 In any case, I'm not dismissing these solutions, just explaining the
 current state of affairs.

 > Wouldn't it be a better call to leave it to moderators to sanction
 abuse, or the administrators to disable the feature on an individual

 We aim to build features that will cover 90% of use cases in their default
 configurations, and we try to avoid excessive UI for customizing these
 settings. You may be correct that it won't be a problem 90% of the time;
 that's a subject for discussion. Again, I wasn't dismissing, just
 explaining the things are currently.

 > I also want to point out that it is also not possible to invite members
 to a group from the members page. To me, it would seem intuitive to be
 able to do this.

 Yes. This was your other request in #5536. As I note there, there are many
 UX questions to discuss.

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