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#5529: BuddyPress + Multisite
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 >  Is this method better for db efficiency or was it just the
 quickest/easiest set up available?

 I don't think it makes a difference for db efficiency. At a glance, it has
 more to do with the various ways in which the concept of a "network" is
 baked into BuddyPress. Take, for instance, the `is_super_admin()` and
 `current_user_can( 'bp_moderate' )` checks throughout BP. These are
 network-specific, because of the way that WP works. We have also had
 concerns about interface: in the case of separate networks, everything is
 totally segregated - just network-activate BP in the networks where you
 want it. If you were to attempt to put BP on multiple sites in a single
 network, you'd need an interface for setting this up, along with separate
 interfaces for Groups and Activity admin, etc.

 So, I don't think there's any overarching technical reason why multisite
 BP can't be done. It's just that there are lots of little problems that
 would need to be addressed to make it viable.

 From a technical point of view, the basic technique would be something
 like what's at the bottom of that codex page - just swap out the db table
 names as necessary. You'd have to do something similar for all BP-related
 settings and usermeta as well. Then, you'd have to ensure that the
 Dashboard interfaces work as expected.

 If this answers your question (and your general request is the same as
 #4732), let's close this one as a duplicate. If you come up with some
 concrete suggestions, we can use that ticket.

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