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#5502: Custom xprofile field: Address
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 Replying to [comment:8 boonebgorges]:
 > a platform for community members to contribute to a database doesn't
 exist (at least not for the WP world -  so there would be some up-front
 work involved.

 I see your point.

 P.S. Worth a look: https://github.com/PyBossa/pybossa

 > > Well, the answer is it's in both - it's wherever the community thinks
 it is.
 > This is a nice consolation, but it's not viable when doing validation.

 What validation? Why would we need to validate anything if the response is

 e.g. Dropdown country has list of countries.
 Dropdown region/state/province's list is populated only upon selection of
 a country.

 Let's say a joining member at a particular BuddyPress community is from
 Sevastapol'. How will it work for him/her?

 First (s)he will write street address. Then enter city (Sevastapol').
 Then, he can't select region because region dropdown is empty/unavailable
 unless a country is chosen. So, next step for him/her is to choose
 country. (S)He might choose Ukraine (or Russia). In either case, Crimea
 shall appear in the regions list. This "self-determination" largely
 precludes ideological or political friction, I would think. There is no
 further validation to be done, since the person choose options from a
 dropdown (as opposed to filling up a freetext field)

 Other points well taken.

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