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#5502: Custom xprofile field: Address
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 Replying to [comment:5 boonebgorges]:
 > Thanks for the link to the cities database. Unfortunately it's labeled
 CC-BY-SA, which is not compatible with the GPL.

 Didn't intend for it to be used. Was just an example of how easy it is to
 find databases :-)

 Plus this is a database of cities...I think we need to go only up to the
 region/state/province level.

 > I've got to emphasize that I do *not* want the BP team to be responsible
 for maintaining an up-to-date database of countries/regions/states/cities.

 Not sure what you mean by that - do you mean the core team or the

 > It's complicated, and outside our core expertise...300x50 ...is an
 understatement of the amount of work that'll actually be necessary.

 I agree that the BP core team should not undertake the task of creating or
 maintaining the database. However, no reason why this couldn't be handled
 by the community. The core team doesn't know anything (I assume) about the
 Italian or Korean or Bulgarian languages either, but we do supply the
 translations. Community contributions in creating and maintaining the
 database, a la GlotPress
 (http://translate.wordpress.org/projects/buddypress/dev), Wikipedia, or
 Wikimapia could come in handy.

 > potentially controversial (is Sevastapol in Russia or Ukraine?)

 I think you mean "is Crimea in Russia or in Ukraine?", considering we
 propose going up only to the region, not city, level. Or, "is Kashmir in
 India or in Pakistan?" for that matter. Yes, address data can often be
 controversial due to political land disputes, etc.

 Well, the answer is it's in both - it's wherever the community thinks it
 is. Remember - we are not involved in cartography...we don't have to draw
 up the map for them. If users choose Russia, should they see Crimea listed
 in regions? Sure, if Russians feel like they should. If users choose
 Ukraine, should they see Crimea listed in regions? Sure, if Ukrainians
 feel like they should.

 When a user from Crimea is listing his/her address, it's up to him/her to
 decide the political affiliation...whether (s)he chooses Russia or Ukraine
 in the country dropdown. We don't need to take a position on that.

 Once user has provided the address, we pass it on to Google (for instance)
 and grab the latlong. That's what we base the markers/pins on for #5496

 > it may well be that this is a task best suited for a plugin.

 If it comes to that, then so be it. At the moment, it doesn't sound like a
 terrible core idea. To me. But obviously, I'm not the best judge of that.

 Also, perhaps after we get #579 in, it might be easier for admins to get
 in their own versions of the address field...as a combo of textfields and
 2 conditional dropdowns....wouldn't provide any amount of coherence or
 translate into latlong, etc

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