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#5217: Activity page not display links related my website
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 Yes, this is expected behaviour.

 Just before an activity item is saved to the DB, if Akismet integration is
 active, we ask Akismet if it thinks its spam. Due to the legacy JavaScript
 that powers BuddyPress' templates at the moment not being that great,
 there are a few edge cases where it thinks any return value from the
 JavaScript call is always a success message, so we can't show a message in
 this situation saying that "something's gone wrong".

 It's something that we definitely need to improve on, and this specific
 thing is likely to improve in 2.0 or 2.1, as we start to replace legacy

 Can't comment on why Akismet things your messages might be spam, but I'd
 suggest encouraging users to post longer + more meaningful messages, or
 not include URLs. If your site requires these very short messages with
 URLs, the easiest immediate action you can take is probably to disable the
 activity Akismet integration. I wrote a plugin that does this:

 Thanks for reporting this issue out to us, and I'm sorry it took so long
 for us to wrap this up with you.

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