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#5277: Codex: Missing Versions, Components, Types and Context. meta boxes in Page
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 @boonebgorges Thank you for checking the issue. Yes I see the metaboxes on
 the screen panel of that page you linked to.

 However, last night while I wanted to create the page
 wordpress-default-themes/ and the four sub-pages, all the screen panels
 opened via New > Pages (toolbar) did not have those metaboxes. Only the
 Tags and Category metaboxes showed up in the screen panels of new Pages.

 I had to open up the old spam/blank pages slated for deletion which had
 those meta boxes and re-use those for the sub-pages like
 wordpress-default-themes/twenty-thirteen-theme/, for one. It was really
 strange, hence this ticket.

 I have just found out this morning that all the metaboxes previously
 missing are now available in the new page screen panels I opened. I can
 only suppose that last night, someone was upgrading or changing something
 in the back end thereby causing the missing metaboxes and other hiccups I
 encountered during the time I was setting up the new articles like:
 getting permission errors when I tried to go to /wp-admin and getting
 redirected to codex home page when I clicked on "Save Draft" button, among
 others. Otherwise, < ghost! > Fortunately, persistence paid off and I got
 the codex articles posted last night.

 In the meantime, resolving this as invalid. Thank you.

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