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#5279: Codex:  Please revert "Article Authors" back to separate "Owner" and
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 The recent redesign of the BP Codex theme has lumped both original
 author/owner and contributors into one classification of "Article
 Authors." This action does not conform to observing the basic standards of

  //An author should have made substantial contributions to the scholarly
 work and intellectual process. Examples of activities considered to be a
 substantial contribution may include one or more of the following:
 creating the original idea, project planning, experimental work, data
 collection, analysis, interpretation. -- Dartmouth Authorship Guidelines
 http://www.dartmouth.edu/~osp/docs/Authorship.pdf //

 For example, if one writes an article for a newspaper/codex or writes a
 book, unless there's an expressed collaboration before the material was
 published, there's only one author (or owner of codex article). The
 editors, reviewers or fact-checkers of the material prepared for
 publication cannot claim they are co-authors of the newspaper/codex
 article nor of the book.

 Give credit where credit is due. The volunteer contributors to the BP
 Codex have generously contributed hours upon hours of their valuable time
 to write articles in order to help out BP users. Someone else who kindly
 corrected some formatting or even updated some items in the article is not
 a co-author of the article as the title "Article Authors" connotes.

 Other references to what is required for one to be considered as author
 * http://wustl.edu/policies/authorship.html
 * http://hms.harvard.edu/about-hms/integrity-academic-medicine/hms-policy
 * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_authorship


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